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September 27, 2006



A nice picture to play with! I LOVE the third one, between the B&W and the sepia.


Wow, Jon - I just stumbled on your blog and I love your photos! I am a real estate agent in rural Maine with a passion for American history, so you can imagine how much I enjoy the old farms, barns, churches, etc. that we have here in northern New England. It's a joy to me when I see one "saved" and painful when I know a new owner does not respect the history of a building. One thing (of many) that really interests me about your photos is how different the architecture is there in Ohio vs. Maine. This, of course, is due to the different cultural influences (although there was a time in the 19th century when people from here were moving out to the midwest wholesale...). I think you capture the spirit of your region beautifully. Thanks for posting these photos for the rest of us to enjoy. My blog is brand spanking new - I'm really a novice at this - hope to build it into something worthwhile.

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